Experience and Quality

We are an IT Services company diverse in experience and background. Rich IT heritage of over 35 years in the field. Our software development background provides a base of skills in areas like Project/Scrum Management, Software Development Management, Web Development,

As part of an ever growing automated business or residence world, we have an deep knowledge of systems and controls to make the most out of environmental efficiency. Systems and manufacturers we have partnered with provide a security, energy controls, monitoring and entertainment that are suited to meet any requirement or budget.


Residential and Small Commercial Security and Automation Systems customized to give you the Security levels you expect with Today's cutting edge integration with Lighting, Energy Management HVAC and Media.

IT Professional Services

Business Analyst / Scrum & Project Management / Systems Analyst

Web Design

Focus with our clients to develop a website reflective of their business core mission, vision, and values. Each websites goes through a series of cross compatibility tests to ensure that it will display and function properly on every type of computer and browser version. We examine how interact with the website to ensure we are providing the best experience possible

Automated Systems Advantages

Control and Automation tools to bring your worlds together,
Everything you can imagine at your fingertips!

  • Communications

    Simplifying how you communicate whether by email, social media or even a phone.

  • Connected

    Being connected to your home or office and the outside world all from the comfort of your couch or desk.

  • Fidelity

    Enjoy music that inspires you or gets you going in the morning. Fill a conference room with Audio and Video that excites the spirit.

  • Security

    Knowing that your family, business, property and possessions are safe.

Advanced Automation Resources

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