Residential and Commercial Automation

Advanced Automation Resources designs, installs and integrates automation, control and security products Today with the technology of the Future.

Technology to meet your specific Home or Business needs with the ability to grow and expand as they do.


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Automation and Integration controls and systems can be very confusing.  Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage.  Let our professional staff help you, explaining the benefits of Life Style and Cost Savings an Integrated Home or Business  can provide.


Residential and Business Automation

Home Theater and Multi-Room Audio-Video

What is an Automation Controls LifeStyle?


A lifestyle for your surroundings whether it be business or home to control/automate a simple daily task or complex routines that take away from your valuable time.

How are Automation Systems Installed?

Structured Wiring

A structured wiring system allows you to have complete control of voice, video and data transmissions to and from any room. The ability to share broadband internet signals with multiple computers in any room, share a printer, and distribute DVD or satellite signals from a single entertainment component. You can also easily distribute security camera signals as well.


Automation Controllers
Automation controllers are the heart of an automation system, allowing infinite control over everything from lighting and shades to lawn sprinklers and gas fireplaces.  These systems also have integrated security systems to provide safety and protection of your assets and family.


What are the Benefits of an Automation System?

Your home/office will know how you live, like opening door and it is dark, all your normally activated lights will come on, your thermostat will change to a predetermined mode, and your distributed audio will begin playing background music. Or Anything else you want it to do! When dusk arrives your lighting will come on in places you choose to whatever configuration and dim to levels you normally use automatically. At night, one button push will turn off all lights, appliances and entertainment components, set back the thermostat to economy mode, close the drapes and enable the security system in the night mode. You get the idea! Why should you have to spend time doing repetitive things over and over when your system can work for you?

Integrated Security
Nothing is more important than the security of your home or office. Nothing. So you want the best integrated system available. All Automation Systems provide the capability of Central Monitoring Services. Automated lighting controls and HVAC controls can also be utilitzed with a siren for an alert. Burglars HATE light and sound.


HVAC Control
Comfort and energy savings by automating air conditioning and heating to the optimum temperatures. Remotely manage HVAC settings. Occupancy sensors can be installed to provide even greater cost savings.


Home Theater/Multi-Room Audio-Video

Home Theater


Televisions have come a long way from the big wooden box with a little picture tube inside.  Today they are a whole entertainment center to themselves.  From the small 12” LCD type to the 70” wall-mounted PLASMA display, TVs are an integral part of a Home Theater system.

Home Theater Receiver

Stereo’s are not just an AM/FM tuner any longer.  Now an HT receiver is the system that gives you the feeling of being in a movie theater with its complete surround speakers and High Definition Digital Sound Reproduction.  Together with a big screen TV the HT Receiver you have a movie theater in your home.  N0 more movie tickets, just pajamas and a great movie experience.

Multi-Room Audio-Video

Multi-Room AV gives you the ability to have that same quality sound/video that you have in your entertainment room in Every Room in your home.  The systems allow you to have multiple AV sources so you can choose what you want to listen to or watch in each room that is connected.  This is a great way to listen to good Jazz while cooking dinner in the kitchen, but your teenager can plug in their IPod and listen to their favorite tunes in their room without disturbing you.  For your business this means you can have a centrally located sound system and provide multiple audio/video sources for conference rooms, lobby, and offices.  On the business side the systems can also provide the convenience of an Intercom System.

Note: Video distribution on the multi-room systems allow you to send satellite or HDTV signals from one room to all rooms. Or you may want to distribute security camera video images from the any location to any TV.

Networking and Communications
Computer networking and communications services directly tie into a complete automation system.  Providing internet access to remotely control automation systems and view status from anywhere there is internet access.